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People only have substance within the memories of other people. And that’s why there were all kinds of myself. There weren’t a lot of myself per se, I was just inside all sorts of people, that’s all.

"When a fan commented that he was “exhausted” of reading Superman’s origin over and over again, [Grant] Morrison recommended that maybe he take a break from superhero comics, because “superhero comics are supposed to be fun” and “you should get exhausted by walking up stairs, not reading superhero comics.”"

Comics Alliance recap of the SDCC Superman panel.

If I shouldn’t get exhausted by superhero comics, and superhero comics are supposed to be fun, why in the hell are they trying so hard to exhaust me and pull all the fun out of my soul when I don’t even read the bloody things, by and large?

Seriously, I’ve been keeping tabs on this whole mess at a distance. I already know they don’t want me — I’m one of those whatsits with the chest handles, so my money is all gross. Besides, paper DC had already mostly alienated me with both the rampant sexism and the continuity so tangle-dense you need a double major in mythology and forestry to cut through it all.

But I read quips like this, and the mansplainy, achingly familiar, “well, those non-Gail Simone lady writers just must not be any good is all” stuff, and it makes me wonder: are they actively trying to get rid of people?

Because that’s a stupid, stupid way to boost your readership or attract scintillating talent, is all.

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—- Not that I don’t think there’s a lot of problems in the DC reboot, but I honestly don’t understand why this person is getting a “mansplainy” vibe from this quote. It may be because my instinct is to defend Grant Morrison who is probably my favorite mainstream comics writer. But honestly, if someone said something like this to me, I would have a similar reaction. This quote is about Superman’s origin story, not anything to do with what’s going on with the female characters in the DC reboot, so I find it odd that this person is so quick to prescribe that attitude to this particular thing. Morrison has never been shy about sarcastic responses to people who tell him what he should or should not write about in his comics, he seems like kind of a prickly guy. That’s not a new thing. Don’t accuse him of “mansplaining” or disliking women in comics just because he is defending a thing he is working on that you disagree with. (via magnoliaporter)

I’m “this person.” Tumblr does not consistently alert readers which writer is writing. The “mansplainy, achingly familiar, ‘well, those non-Gail Simone lady writers just must not be any good is all’ stuff” bit is part of the cumulative frustration with the situation, but if you scroll down further in the source article:

On Female Creators: The same Batgirl-clad fan who made appearances at many DC panels over the weekend asked why there aren’t more female creators on DC titles. DiDio said that DC Comics hires the best writers and artists they can, to much applause from the audience. Morrison quipped that he looks great in a dress, to which the questioner responded, “I appreciate you trying to brush me off.” Morrison then encouraged women in the audience to submit their work to DC.

(That particular point at the end: Morrison encouraged women to submit to a nonexistent slushpile - DC doesn’t actually take unsolicited submissions, so these women are all going to find their submissions rejected out of hand or disappeared into the aether.)

dcwomenkickingass and ladiesmakingcomics have been breaking that situation down well enough that going into redundant detail is pointless, which is why I didn’t elaborate more. People who are following this situation already know about it, and people who are likely to do more research will be doing so through more dedicated sources already covering it in more detail than we’re likely to.

I’m sorry if I wasn’t perfectly clear on the subject, and I’m happy to edit in links to explanatory content on the original article if this is a common misunderstanding.

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You guys! It’s my favorite thing! When someone tries to mansplain away the mansplaining and very clearly shows that they have not been keeping up at all! I award no points, and may god have mercy on your soul. Wednesday is of course awarded 3billion points, one whole internet, and ponies.

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